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Our Journey

Vera May’s Ices

Here at Vera May’s Ices we strive to bring you the freshest soft serve ice cream, the tastiest homemade gluten free vegan ice cream and even ice cream for your cherished pet dogs delivered direct to your door!

We want everyone to enjoy what we have to offer and therefore have a variety of delicious Ices - from retro faves to adult only, cones and over 30 sweet toppings for all requirements including gluten free, dairy free, halal, vegetarian & vegan. Vera May’s Ices is also a no nut zone  - we don’t stock any products containing nuts.

We also want the planet to enjoy what we have to offer and not contribute even more plastic to our seas and beaches. Therefore we only use products that are fully biodegradable and come to us in a minimum of biodegradable and recycled packaging. For example, our ice cream bowls are made from Wheatstraw, which is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted from the plants. It’s compostable, earth friendly and will fully biodegrade. 
How products are manufactured is a concern to us too, so we only use companies that are as equally concerned as we are. 
So you can enjoy our delicious ices guilt free!

Betsy is available for private hire for all events including parties, weddings, corporate events & fairs, please get in touch for more information.



All occasions catered for


Parties & Weddings

Any private event

We can offer anything from a bespoke menu tailored to your requirements to turning up at the birthday house with a suitably decorated Betsy! There are also opportunities for photos with the happy couple, birthday child / adult, guest of honour pulling their own ice cream! Planning a gender reveal or baby shower? We can offer a range of toppings and ideas to make that special event a little bit different. From small gatherings to large parties, Vera May’s Ices can cater for all and leave you with a clean environmental conscience too with our range of compostable and reusable tableware.

Festivals, Fetes & Community Days

Any public event

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative which offers a large variety of delicious fresh and homemade ices to suit everyone’s requirements, then we hope to be at the top of your list.

Corporate Events

Treat the staff

From team building events to casual Fridays, we can cater for all of your staff’s requirements direct to your workplace, no matter how big or how small.

We love that you’re browsing our site, but if you want the full experience, you’ll have to come and say ‘hi’in person. We’re waiting for you!

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